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About Us

PT Amsa Digital Media

AMSA STUDIO merupakan Digital Marketing Agency yang berlokasi di Surabaya, Jawa Timur. Fokus layanan kami adalah Jasa digital marketing pada keseluruhan, meliputi Paid Campaign (Google, Meta, dan Tiktok Ads), SEO, Email Marketing, dan Jasa pembuatan website.

Berada di bawah naungan PT AMSA DIGITAL MEDIA, Amsa Studio berlokasi di Surabaya dan telah melayani puluhan klien yang tersebar baik di dalam Indonesia hingga luar negeri.
Bersama AMSA STUDIO, performa digital marketing perusahaan anda akan semakin maksimal. Jadi tunggu apa lagi? Segera hubungi kami untuk online meeting sekarang juga!

Company Timeline

Didirikan oleh Metero Rosada Amang Sanjaya pada tahun 2019, berikut adalah perjalanan Amsa Studio.

About us,amsa media digital,pt amsa media digital

Meteor Rosada AS

Founder - Director

Founder Profile

I am passionate about art, society, and technology. Started my digital marketing experience as an SEO specialist in 2014, and now I am a digital marketing expert.

As a sociologist, I have strong critical and analytical thinking, which helps me a lot to solve any situation in digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a unique field. There’s no fixed formula for performance; there’s always growth and change. However, if we implement our digital marketing strategy in the right way, your business will be flying like a rocket.

About us,amsa media digital,pt amsa media digital

Alfina Octaviani PP


Co-founder Profile

In the Industry 4.0 era, there are so many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) developed by a community and supported by the government. We have to focus on how to build a market in the digital area, which means how to democratize economics through technology, so that we can speed up the buying and selling process and improve the GDP of Indonesia. This is how the digital era starts.

As a person who has experience in E-commerce company, I have strong communication skills and good strategic thinking, as do data analysts. It helps me a lot to have sensitivity in how I think and develop a business.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s create some cool action and great business through technology!

Klien-klien Kami​

Berikut adalah daftar klien-klien yang telah mempercayakan performa Digital Marketingnya kepada Amsa Studio.

About us,amsa media digital,pt amsa media digital

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Jl. Rungkut Asri Utara XIX No.80, Kali Rungkut, Rungkut, Surabaya City, East Java 60293

Phone: (031) 87862424

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